Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Martyrs: Father Julian Nakaura

       Father Julian Nakaura withstood the torture of the pit while in his sixties, hanging on to the glorious end while those around him, notably the Jesuit Vice-Provincial and Vicar of Japan himself, were giving in to the torturers’ wiles. Unbearable were the agonies these experts in cruelty inflicted on captive Christians, agonies compounded by the noxious stench their victims were forced to breathe, hanging head-downwards inside those wretched holes loaded with filth and capped with wooden lids that crimped the captive’s waist. And then there were the torturers’ constant adjurations to apostatize—a temptation made all too sweet by promises of life and freedom and the loud insistence that all one’s brethren had given in, so what’s the harm?
       All the more glorious, then, this faithful pastor’s victory over death on 21 October 1633. Read his story here: